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Our Strategy

Keys to Success

We strive to be trustworthy stewards of our investors wealth & to provide value to all stakeholders in our communities.

Buy Right

When searching for and analyzing investment opportunities, we look for B & C class properties in growing neighborhoods that are mismanaged. These properties often have below market rents, deferred or neglected maintenance work and few or no management systems in place. These traits provide an opportunity to add meaningful value to that community.

Finance Right

We only take on projects we think our investors will profit from with minimal risk. To make sure a project is up to that standard, we analyze the returns we can expect from our efforts and thoroughly stress test that analysis to account for unexpected market shifts. We've built deep connections in the lending community so we are able to secure competitive lending terms for our projects that ensure revenue from the property will cover its mortgage & day-to-day expenses.

Manage Right

This is where the value-add we project comes to life. With our extensive industry knowledge, years of management experience & top-tier management systems we execute the turn around of poorly preforming properties. This allows us to provide safe, comfortable housing for residents & steady predictable returns for investors.

How we do it !

These are the steps we take to ensure we make sound investments on behalf of our partners.

Market Selection

Before looking at specific opportunities, we observe the economics and growth potential of neighborhoods we're interested in. Key metrics we consider include population growth, job growth, population income & rental trends.

Property Selection

We look for properties that show signs of untapped value. Some examples include communities with below market rents, underperforming staff, a lack of adequate management systems & deferred maintenance.

Create A Plan

Once we've identified a projects potential, we create a plan for how our team will take over the community, implement our professional management systems to better serve residents & renovate the property with the goal of adding meaningful value.

Assemble a Team

Once a plan is in created, we leverage our deep connections to put together an experienced management team that can be trusted to run day to day operations.

Execute The Plan

From the day we take ownership of the project we begin the process of implementing the turnaround plan we've created. We meet frequently and act quickly to ensure the property meets the goals we originally set out.

Reap the Benefits

Our investors receive cash flow returns throughout the time horizon of ownership and the work we do adds meaningful value to the property. We take advantage of that added value on behalf of our investors by either refinancing or exiting the investment and distributing the profits to our investors.

What We Buy


  • Phoenix, AZ
  • Nationwide (economic growth markets)

Criteria Size

  • 5 – 30 units as Joint Venture/Partnership or 30 – 100 units as co-GP with established operators
  • Class: B- to A Class Properties Location
  • Demographics: Zip codes with >$50k Median Household Income
  • Condition: Projects that require some renovations and/or have deferred maintenance work needed
  • Value-Add: Must provide potential to increase Net Operating Income either by construction or operational value add plan
  • Financials: Must be able to cover a 1.10 Debt-Service-Coverage-Ratio at purchase with conservative underwriting & stabilize to a 7%+ unlevered yield on cost